Kitchen Accessories

A vast range of kitchen accessories are available through Kitchen Accessories including a large range of cutlery trays, spice trays, tea towel rails, kitchen tidy bins, pull out and fold away ironing board systems, vents, and much more.

Kitchen Accessories 

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Cabinet Vents

Check out our range of vents, grills, flu closures, registers whatever you want to call them.

If you are installing Range Hoods through walls, installing cupboards, integrated Fridges, Freezers, we have the vent or grill for you. There is a wide variety that will fit into the doors or kickboard of your cabinets, cupboards or pantries.

If you have the solid timber look kitchen we have the polished brass or you may prefer the silver anodised to blend with the stainless steel appliances, white plastic or white powder coat for coloured kitchens.

Without air flow stale odours can develop. If you allow air to travel through you cabinets, this will allow you to overcome those types problems.

We can supply Small Medium or Large. See our large selection below. You can see each individual vent or have a quick look at spec page.

You have the choice of white powder coat on aluminium Silver Anodised Aluminium, Polished Brass and Chrome Plate on Steel.


DST V44-WH has a built in fly screen

DST V4501 Can be used in doors or kickboard.

Cook Tops

We can supply a range of cook tops to suit any kitchens. A range of gas and electric cook tops are available, in stainless steel and white enamel, they can also include built-in wok burners and flame failure safety devices.

A cook top says that you are serious about your kitchen. Serious about how it looks, and more importantly how your appliances perform. Whether you prefer gas or electric, these cook tops combine stylish and sophisticated looks with innovative features and real cooking performance.

Versatility and performance is what you’ll find in our new gas cook tops. Full surface grates create a larger and more stable cooking surface. The stainless steel tops makes for easy cleaning of the cook top. Delicate cooking is easier with new gas burners.

Electric cook tops are the preference of many that appreciate the sleek integrated look of a Ceran glass cooking surface. They feature heating elements that respond quickly to your command and give you greater cookware flexibility.

A Brochure of D'amani products can be viewed or downloaded here D'amani Brochure.

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Cutlery Trays

Cutlery Trays

Decorative Lighting

DIY Decorative lighting provides a comprehensive range lighting to provide a stylish lighting system to enhance your home. The types available range from LED Lighting, Halogen mounted spotlights and Halogen compact down lights.

Dish Washers

A full range of dishwashers are available from Kitchen Accessories including brand names like, D'amani, Electrolux, Miele, Westinghouse and Whirlpool. They are available in Stainless Steel or White Enamel finish.

Hideaway Kitchen Tidy...

Hideaway Kitchen Tidy Bins

Kitchen Sinks

Sinks mainly come in Stainless Steel finish because of the water usage, other finishes would stain and tarnish very easily. They come in square bowls and round bowls. There is a variety of different models and accessories, they can have a single round bowl or twin square bowls and various models in between.

They can be supplied with a single draining board or double draining board, a second bowl, the second bowl can be a full size rinising bowl, a 3/4 size rinsing bowl, a 1/2 size rinsing bowl or a 1/4 size rinsing bowl all of high quality stainless steel. They can also be supplied with garbage disposal units, water softeners, water filtrations systems and various tap and spout combinations.

Kitchen Tidy Bins

Every kitchen, laundry or bathroom needs a tidy bin of some sort. The range available is quite large making it easy to find the type that suits you in colour, capacity, single or double, swivel or slide out.

Kitchen tidy bins are made of quality materials with many options. When designing your new kitchen or bathroom or laundry, consideration should be given to the type, capacity and function that is best suited for your needs.

The range of bins available include, single bins or double bins, of varying capacities. These bins are hidden in cabinets, that slide or swivel out to gain access, or benchtop mounted types. They are available in materials ranging from colored plastics, painted pressed metal and stainless steel with cleverly designed lids to miniminise air flow to stop odours from escaping.

Laundry Troughs

Kitchen Accessories can supply a range of laundry troughs, laundry sinks and laundry tubs, all manufactured from high quality materials to provide you with a stylish, functional and convenient laundry set up to make washing day a breeze.

Microwave Ovens

A range of micro wave ovens are available for your dream kitchen. We can snuggle fit your micro wave oven into any space in the kitchen, either behind a door or a roller door, or in an open area. We can also install your existing micro wave oven into the design.


A range of ovens are available for your dream kitchen. They range from freestanding gas or electric ovens, to wall mounted dual ovens. We can also incorporate your existing oven into the design. All ovens need to be installed by a qualified licenced electrician.

Range Hoods

Kitchen Accessories can supply a comprehensive range of range hoods and canopies of various styles and sizes to give you an exhaust system over your cooker to suit your every need. These include fixed types, retractable, and decorative styles in varying widths to suit your cooktop.


Splashbacks for kitchens and laundries.

Storage Systems

A vast range of storage systems can be supplied to you by Kitchen Accesories to suit your existing kitchen or can be designed into your new kitchen layout fully utilising the cabinet and pantry space available. These storage systems can also be incorporated in the laundry.

Taps and Mixers

We have access to a huge range of bathroom taps, kitchen sink taps and various tap ware. From brands such as Caroma, Dorf, Brewers, Paco Jaanson and many more.

Styles range from old time original style, modern sleek, over head faucets, easy access faucets, basin mixers, wall taps, vanity taps, vanity spouts, bidet sets, aerated spouts, sink mixers, fast fill spa sets and many many more.

Colours are available in stainless steel, white, porcelain, gold trim, ivory, chrome and the list keeps going we are sure to have a tap to suit the colour and style of your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Vanity Basins

The bathroom is a very important room in the home and a good deal of personal time is spent in there, so it should be as attractive and functional as possible.

The selection of the type, style and application of a basin and surrounds is very important to enhance your bathroom. The choice is enormous from various manufacturers so individuality in the layout of your bathroom is pretty much guaranteed as is the colour and style of counter top and cabinet.

Vanity basins are manufactured from vitreous china giving a smooth and sleek appearance that is easy to clean. The shapes, styles and capacities vary greatly so there is something to suit your individual needs. Different configurations of tap ware are available along with inbuilt overflow systems as well. Some of the types and styles of basins are self rimming, semi-recessed, under counter or wall mounted to name a few.

Front Load Washing...
Front Load Washing Machine Pedestal

Is bending over to load your front load washing machine a problem? Want to stop the back ache from continually loading the washing machine? We have designed a useful laundry cupboard, it places the opening of the machine at a height which allows you to load and empty the machine without bending over. With a handy storage drawer underneath for putting away washing powder/detergent/liquid, clothes softener and room for other things like tools and torches. We also have a laundry basket option which can sit in the drawer for you to put your clothes. It keeps all your laundry equipment in one spot for easy access.

Because this cupboard is designed for laundry use we use quality High Moisture Resistant particle board. We know front load washing machines are heavy so we use a rigid tongue and groove design with a 25mm thick top board for added strength. Durable 1mm High Impact PVC edging has been used. We use the Blum high side drawer runners with life time warranty rated to 30kg (Great for buying and storing those 5kg washing powders when they are on special). The drawer runners are full extension for easy access to the whole drawer space. *Blum 65kg high side drawers available at extra cost.
We also know most laundry floors can be uneven because of the drains placed in them so we added adjustable legs to allow you to make sure (using a spirit level) you can get a nice level base for your washing machine. The feet of the washing machine sit on a 25mm thick top that has 4 raised edges allowing a secure placement for the feet of the washing machine.
We have designed this drawer unit to accommodate most 600mm wide by 600mm deep non-commercial front loading washing machines. (If you need a wider/deeper unit we are happy to talk with you about your requirements.)
The Front Load washing machine pedestal is also a way to help with your Occupational health and safety  issues when it comes to using front load washing machine, these pedestals raise the entrance of the washing machine to a level where there is no need to bend to load or empty. Used in conjunction with a washing basket trolly the risk to an employee hurting their back is minimised.
With 2 models available a standard 600mm wide x 600mm deep x 560mm high and a larger 600mm wide x 720mm deep and 560mm high these will suit just about any non commercial front load washing machine.
Top Moulds

Top Moulds

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