Wardrobe Accessories

Wardrobe accessories from the simple round tube end flanges and centre pillars, to the stylish belt, tie, skirt and trouser racks.

Wardrobe Accessories 

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Wardrobe Colours

These are the colours of the available Vinyl pattern style doors come in 21 different colours ranging from pale classic colours to bold and timber colours. Melamine doors are also available in 10 different fresh colours for your choosing.

Wardrobe Mirros

When you have your new wardrobe designed you have the choice of solid doors or full edged silver mirror doors or mirror inlaid doors, which ever is your prefernce.

A mirrored door or doors in the room has the effect of making the room appear larger and lighter.The number and style of mirrors you choose is to suit your individual needs and room layout.

The mirror size, style or quantity that you want designed into the front panels of your wardrobe can be full door mirror panels, edged, or inlaid mirror panels of varying shapes depending on the style of door pattern chosen.


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25mm Round Tube End Flange Plastic for Removable Rod
$ 0.95
Oval Tube End Flange Satin Chrome System 32 Knock In
$ 3.95
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