By Wild Handles and Knobs

Handles and Knobs By Wild

Handles and Knobs By Wild showcases a unique and stunning range of cabinet handles and knobs. From the flashy Bling Series of handles and knobs to the unique kids series. Not at all your standard range of door accessories. Handlles and Knobs By Wild are proudly distributed by

By Wild Handles and Knobs 

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Cordoba Collection

This exquisite spanish feel collection of handles and knobs, comes in 2 colours Antique Brass and Antique Iron, to give a Old World Spanish charm to any kitchen or bathroom.

Cute Handles and Knobs

Cute Handles & Knobs

Various cute shapes, cartoon characters and other delightful handles and knobs.

Rainbow Series Handles...

Rainbow Series Handles and Knobs

Rainbow collection of bright and colourful handles and knobs. Make a bold statement with these unique shaped and splendidly coloured cabinet or wardrobe collection of handles and knobs.

Budget Handles and Knobs

Budget Handles and Knobs

Budget Handles and Knobs, with this range of handles and knobs you can transform the average kitchen for as little as $30.00 Stylish and yet a budget price.

Decorative Coat Hooks...

Decorative Coat Hooks and Coat Racks

A range of stylish and unique coat hooks and racks, they come as individual hooks or in a collection. From Guitar shape hooks to old world charm sea side collection.

French Provincial...

French Provincial Handles and Knobs

A wide variety of styles, Bird Cage, Wire Basket, Basket Weave, in various colours, Black, Antique Black, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Red Bronze

Bling Handles and Knobs

Bling Handles and Knobs

Nouvelle-Lee Handles...

Nouvelle-Lee Handles and Knobs

A wonderful collection of hand painted and hand crafted knobs and handles.

Black Handles and Knobs

Black Handles and Knobs

Black Handles and Knobs have come back into fashion again and can look stunning on just about any style or colour of cupboard door. The By Wild collection has a large range of Black Handles and Knobs. This variety of black handles and knobs, include colours like matt black, pure black, gloss black, distressed/patina black and antique black as well as various other shades of black. The collection has just as many styles from modern, french provincial and antique types of handles and knobs.

As Henry Ford once said famously "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black." so it is with these handles, any colour you wish as long as it is black.

Vibrant Colourful...

Vibrant and Colourful Handles and Knobs

The Vibrant Collection of Handles and Knobs are a wonderful range of vivid, fun, kaleidoscope of colourful handles and knobs. Whilst not for every situation these handles can sure make a stunning statement or make a room fun.

Heart Shaped 36mm Knob with K9 Glass Crystal Mini Heart Shape Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy
$ 10.95
Pink, Yellow and Chrome Monarch Butterfly 32mm Zinc Alloy Handle
$ 15.45
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